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Twins Special SGS10 Black Shinguards

Twins Special SGS10 Black Shinguards

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Twins Special Shin Guards SGS10 are made of quality syntethic material which is processed in Thailand. The foam is actually same for all Twins Special Shin Guards and it is proven (by a myriad of martial artists) that it just works fine.



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Customer Reviews

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Sam Lee

Twins Special SGS10 Black Shinguards

Jeronimo Betanzo


Jayden Fernandes
Excellent shin guard, but not for beginners

Awesome shin guard I must say, durable and light so it basically feels like you arent wearing anything on.

Synthetic leather is just as durable as real leather, breathable and easy to clean, shin guard is also easy fast to put on for sparring sessions.

Only downside of this shinguard is that its foam is relatively sparse and squishy, meaning you will definitely be prone to more injuries such as shin bruise/bumps forming if you partake in hard sparring sessions with a partner, I would definitely not recommend this particular shin guard for someone who has not conditioned their shins properly.

Overall, this particular shin guard fits most budgets and is a great shin guard to own if you wish to partake in light/technical sparring.

Justin Diabo-chabot

Twins Special SGS10 Black Shinguards

Shachar your Legs are just too thin

hey, why not send another three duplicates of your worthless review, Shachar?
If the upper clasp is too big maybe your legs are to thin.
In our gym every owner of twins shin guards is happy. probably the best shin guards ever made.