Collection: Booster Ankleguards

Booster BVBA was founded in Belgium in 1994 by Mr Yves Vyvey. Over the years, Booster Fight Gear has become a top brand with distribution all over the world. It is the biggest kickboxing brand in Holland loved by the biggest athletes in the sport.

Booster Fight Gear develops products focusing on the needs of their customers and continuously strive to have the best product quality possible. Booster Fight Gear offers top quality martial arts equipment for Muay Thai, boxing and MMA training at affordable prices.

1. Precision in Protection: Booster Ankleguards

Booster Ankleguards are the epitome of precision in protection, meticulously designed to offer optimal support to your ankles during the most intense training sessions. Crafted from high-quality materials, these ankleguards provide superior impact resistance, ensuring your ankles are shielded against the rigors of Muay Thai, boxing, or any combat sport. Step into the ring with confidence, knowing Booster has your back – or, in this case, your ankles.

2. Unrivaled Stability: Booster Technology

What sets Booster Ankleguards apart is the incorporation of cutting-edge technology. The Booster advantage lies in the strategic combination of durability and flexibility. The ankleguards provide a secure and stable fit, preventing slippage during dynamic movements. Whether you're pivoting, kicking, or engaging in rigorous sparring, Booster Ankleguards offer the stability you need to perform at your best.

3. Comfort Redefined: Booster Ankleguards for Endurance

Experience training sessions like never before with Booster Ankleguards that redefine comfort. The moisture-wicking interior keeps your skin dry, even during the most demanding workouts, minimizing distractions and discomfort. The ergonomic design ensures a snug fit without compromising on mobility, allowing you to focus on honing your skills. Booster Ankleguards aren't just protective gear; they're a testament to enduring comfort in the world of combat sports.

4. Versatility Meets Style: Booster Ankleguards Collection

Whether you're a seasoned fighter or just starting your journey, the Booster Ankleguards Collection caters to all. These ankleguards are versatile, making them suitable for Muay Thai, boxing, and various other combat sports. The sleek design and Booster branding add a touch of style to your gear, making a statement both inside and outside the ring. Elevate your training ensemble with Booster Ankleguards that effortlessly blend versatility with style.

In the Booster Ankleguards Collection, Booster has once again set the standard for excellence in combat sports gear. Step into the ring equipped with ankleguards that embody precision, stability, comfort, and style. Unleash your full potential with Booster Ankleguards – where every step is supported, and every move is empowered.