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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose my Boxing Gloves?

The main criterias for boxing gloves are their
sizes (weight in oz), the material they are made of (which affects the price
and duration) and the purpose (bag work/ pads, sparing or fighting)

So, you have to ask yourself the following

- What size of gloves would be optimal ?
- What is my budget?
- What material do I want? (Leather or substitutes?)
- What am I going to use them for?

How to choose the size of my boxing gloves?

The size of boxing gloves is measured in ounces (oz). Actually, an ounce is not a unit of size, but a unit of weight (about 28 grams), however, when applied to gloves, the number of ounces determines not only their weight, but also their size.

Important! The size of boxing gloves is related to the weight of the athlete. Hand size doesn't matter. If you have free space in the gloves, use longer hand wraps instead.

- 4 oz. The smallest boxing gloves. Recommended for athletes between 3-5 years old.
- 6 oz Recommended for athletes between 4-6 year olds
- 8 oz. Recommended for athletes between 6-8 years old. Sometimes you can use these gloves for bag work.
- 10 oz All purpose training glove. Recommended for athletes weighing up to 70 kg. Suitable for both competition and training.
- 12 oz All purpose training glove. Recommended for athletes weighing between 60-85 kg. Suitable for both competition and training.
- 14 oz. Recommended gloves for sparring and for athletes weighing from 80 kg.
- 16 oz Gloves for athletes weighing from 90 kg. Suitable for bag work or sparring.

Are leather gloves better for boxing?

Boxing gloves are made of a wide variety of materials - from genuine leather for the premium segment to different analogues of leather substitutes. The material affects both the price and the duration of the gloves.

Premium quality genuine leather - used for expensive branded premium quality gloves, these are gloves for competitions. Usually these models last longer in time. They are very comfortable and convenient.

Genuine leather of medium level - These gloves differ in durability and wear resistance. Those gloves are for national level competitions.

Vinyl - vinyl is a leather substitute based on polyvinyl chloride. At a low price, it has good durability and wear resistance.

PU leather - PU leather is a substitute based on polyurethane. It also has good durability and wear resistance. The main difference from vinyl is its elasticity, it feels more like natural leather to the touch. Many manufacturers prefer to make gloves from PU - at an affordable price and for a decent quality.

Recommended! When choosing a material, be guided by your budget. Of course, genuine leather gloves usually last longer than substitute gloves and have a number of other positive features. But at the same time they are more expensive than analogues from various substitutes.

What do I need for Muay Thai training?

Here are some pieces of equipment you need in order to get started in your Muaythai class:

Boxing Gloves - those will be your protection for hands while punching

Muay Thai Shorts - Muay Thai shorts are made with enough room in the thigh and groin area for kicking.

Mouthguard- protection for your teeth. It is needed to protect athletes from possible injuries of the jaw and skull while sparring.

Shinguards- Shinguards protect your legs and your feet. Since there are kicks in Thai boxing, it is better to purchase them right away.

Groin protection- Even if you are a very good fighter, you still need extra protection.

How do I pick a headguard for Muay Thai and Boxing?

The headgear should feel snug but fit comfortably. There should be no parts that feel like they're pinching or squeezing tight.

Headgear for Muay Thai and boxing come in certain types.

Training headgear is a closed-type helmet.

Competition Headgear type is a helmet of open type. It only partially covers the forehead, and completely covers the ears.

Many companies produce equipment made of leather or leatherette. A helmet made of genuine leather will last a longer time. In addition, such material absorbs moisture well and allows certain types of ventilation.

Who is the founder of Raja Boxing?

Raja Boxing was founded in 1998 by Maturos Khutasevi, she was a stockbroker before starting her own business

Who founded Booster Fight Gear?

Booster Fight Gear was founded in Belgium in 1994 by Mr Yves Vyvey. Over the years, Booster Fight Gear has become a top brand with distribution all over the world. It is the biggest kickboxing brand in Holland loved by the biggest athletes in the sport.