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Twins Special VS Booster Boxing Gloves. Review

Wondering what brand to choose? Today we are going to make a review of our bestselling brands Twins Special and Booster Fight wear Boxing Gloves. Read this article to make your decision!

Let’s start with Twins Special Boxing Gloves BGVL

Twins made a bold step in redesigning the classic boxing glove by giving an extended protective covering going right up to the forearm instead of ending at the wrist. This new design not only looks flashy and stylish, but it also provides practical use as well, with a firm tight fit covering the entire wrist and beginning of the forearm this stabilises the wrist even more so which is good news for the heavy punchers out there. When you combine these gloves with hand wraps the protection offered to the hands really has evolved the game and is ideal for hitting even the heaviest and hardest heavy bags around without fear of damaging your hand or wrist.

Overall conclusion:

Sleek and stylish design that brings a new level of protection for boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai enthusiasts. Ideal for strong punchers needing that little bit of extra protection in training.

Second review is for the new Premium striker series made from BU from Booster:

For those of you looking for a seriously affordable yet also highly functional boxing glove look no further then Booster Fight Gear’s latest release. Based from the sporty and eye-catching design of their premium striker series this glove is made from BU giving it an entirely new feel that somehow manages to be soft, strong and supportive all at the same time. Offering surprising mobility and range of motion for the hand and wrist, the very moment these gloves hug your hands you’re left with an immediate urge to jump on the heavy bag or pads.

Best part about these new gloves? Without a doubt has to be the price, for far too long boxing, Muay Thai & kickboxing practitioners have called out for an affordable glove that is still highly functional and it seems Booster Fight Gear has answered their prayers with these gloves selling for just 850 Baht!

Overall conclusion:

Everything you want and expect out of a well-functioning and practical glove that comes with an absolutely unbeatable price these bad boys are guaranteed to sell these like hot cakes!

I hope this article will help you to choose your fight gear! It is our honor to have both brands among our products

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Author: Muay Thai Enthusiast

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