Tawanchai Apologizes for Breaking Kiria's Arm at ONE Fight Night 13

Tawanchai Apologizes for Breaking Kiria's Arm at ONE Fight Night 13

At ONE Fight Night 13 in Bangkok, Tawanchai PK Saenchai apologized to Davit Kiria for accidentally breaking his arm with a strong kick.

In the first round of their kickboxing match, Kiria, who's 35 years old and experienced, did well and made Tawanchai wobble a bit.

But in the second round, Tawanchai, the 24-year-old Muay Thai champion, launched a powerful kick that hit Kiria's arm, ending the fight.

“I went to apologise to him for the arm, but he said congratulations, that’s all,” the 24-year-old Thai told the Post at Lumpinee Stadium.

“I was in such good shape, the only thing that was gonna stop me was a major injury or a knockout and sadly it happened!” Kiria wrote in an Instagram post, where he shared an X-ray of his broken arm.

Tawanchai felt bad and went to say sorry, but Kiria was kind and said congratulations. The referee stopped the fight to make sure Kiria was okay.

Sadly, this was the second time Tawanchai hurt an opponent's limb with a kick.

Tawanchai was happy with his kickboxing performance, even though he hadn't done it in four to five years. He also worked on improving his punches.

He mentioned that it would be an honor to fight Chingiz Allazov, the kickboxing king, but right now, he's fully focused on defending his title against Superbon on October 7.

Tawanchai respects Chingiz a lot and even took time from media duties to watch Chingiz's fight backstage. Though it was hard to score the match because of kickboxing rules, Tawanchai noticed that Chingiz had more striking skills.

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