NEW REVIEW! Buakaw Boxing Gloves BGL-UL1

Have you ever tried Buakaw Boxing Gloves? Today we are going to make a review of our bestselling products - Buakaw Boxing Gloves BGL-UL1. Read this article to make your decision!

The first thing you will notice when putting on these gloves is the unbelievable mobility of the hands, been able to open and close your fist at will and with absolute ease.

This is perfect for Muay Thai practitioners who often use arms fully extended with an open palm or ‘long guard’ style of defense. All the while still remaining a tight and supportive hold on the hand and wrist this latest boxing glove from Banchamek has clearly had a lot of thought put into it from the designers. My favourite aspect of the glove however has to be the incredibly stylish and sleek design. Everybody wants to look fashionable as they train these days and with the signature Banchamek lotus taking its beautiful form over the entirety of the glove and the classy and striking Buakaw signature logo standing out over the top it truly makes you want to wear these while strolling the high street or shopping in malls. Yes of course I am joking but honestly the design is so eye catching and fashionable it almost makes you feel like putting them on display in your house rather then take them to training. 

Overall conclusion: 

Something to be excited about, these brand new gloves from Banchamek tick both boxes for being highly functional and ideal for training all the while making you look like a Muay Thai connoisseur while doing it. 

I hope this article will help you to choose your fight gear! It is our honor to have Buakaw brand among our products, and it is to say that this collection is limited - HURRY UP! 

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Author: Muay Thai Enthusiast

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