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Learn Muay Thai online with Muay Thai Academy MTA

You don't know what to do during the confinement and plan to try something new? You are afraid of getting weight because your gym is closed? Or you simply want to upgrade your techniques with more professional coaches?
Take this opportunity to learn Muay Thai online! No matter where you are, what is your time-zone or work schedule you can use this opportunity now. No need any specific material, just your smartphone, tablet or computer, and an internet connection.

You'll learn how to defend yourself, keep yourself fit, and have fun! In 1h our professional coaches will teach you the basis of Muay Thai if you're a beginner, or perfect your technique if you're experienced.

It can be practiced in the room or at home with the minimum or no equipment. If you have a skipping rope, dumbbells or yoga mat let us know. Fitness exercises will stimulate your heart by increasing your heart rate through exercises where you are constantly moving. Special exercises for Muay Thai boxer will develop power speed and precision.


The class is divided into boxing round (3 minutes each) and 1 minute rest to imitate a fight.

1. Class will starts with basic warm up and basic shadow boxing where trainer will evaluate your level and correct if necessary your techniques. In each round there are intervals where student will perform speed boxing exercises to stimulate his cardio (fast straight punches, uppercuts, kicks etc).

2. Second part of a class is to master defense and attack Muay Thai combinations and effective drills. Student would repeat combinations many times to develop a muscle memory. You will see many defense and counters techniques against punches, elbow techniques, kicks, and knee techniques
You will see how to catch and attack the opponent s kicking leg and  how to react if the opponent catches your kicking leg.

3. Third parts of the class is to mix fitness exercises which is essential for boxer

4. Last part is stretching and answering questions of students

Use the videos to develop into an advanced Muay Thai fighter with Marie Ruumet! You can also use the techniques as an effective method of self-defense.

FOR WHOM is this class?

  • People who want to learn basic, intermediate and advanced Muay Thai with professional fighter
  • People who want to improve their fighting skills
  • People who want to prepare for upcoming fight
  • People who have no opportunity to come to gym as for restrictions but wish to practice at home

Are you ready? Join and book your spot now!


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