Top Christmas Boxing Gift Ideas

Top Christmas Boxing Gift Ideas

Gifts are nice to give, but it's always difficult to choose. Choosing a useful gift takes a lot of time. Athletes are active people, constantly setting themselves new heights. When choosing a gift, pay attention to their hobbies and you can never go wrong. Discover the 10 best gift ideas for a boxer in this article

Muay Thai T-shirt

A t-shirt is a win-win option for a martial arts lover, and for any occasion. It's simple with Muay Thai T-shirt: the right clothes for the workout always bring a positive result! Modern Muay Thai T-shirts are made from the latest materials and ergonomically designed. Everything is designed for the athlete's comfort: ventilation, breathable and heat-saving fabrics, models do not constrain movement, and much more.

Custom T-shirt or Muay Thai Shorts

You can also order any T-shirt or boxing shorts with your own design from SUPER EXPORT SHOP. Such a surprise will please your loved one much more and show your affection.

Muay Thai shorts

Martial arts, like any sport, has special apparel designed for a specific type of movement. 

In boxing, these are boxing shorts made of lightweight fabric with a high waistband. In mixed martial arts they are shorts made of a durable fabric with elastic inserts at the groin for making punches and technical elements in the ground. In jiu-jitsu it's a classic gi.

Thai boxing is no exception. There are many companies producing shorts today. However, we recommend Thai brands producing exclusively Thai boxing apparel. You can consider world-known brands such as Twins Special, Fairtex, Top King, King Pro, Booster, Blegend. 

Our store has a fairly large assortment of Muay Thai shorts, from which you can choose the most suitable one.

Boxing Gloves

Comfortable and convenient boxing gloves will please any athlete. Needless to say that every boxer needs a few different pairs of boxing gloves according to their purpose. Choose 8 oz for bag work, 10 oz universal, 12-14 oz for sparring and 16 oz for heavy sparring. You can choose from a wide range of brands that combine excellent quality with an affordable price.

Quick Handwraps

Boxing handwraps are special wraps that secure the hand, knuckles and wrist in the correct position, prevent various injuries and dislocations, help maintain equipment and support hygiene inside the glove.

Every boxer needs a pair of handwraps for better protection, but quick wraps are a great alternative to traditional wraps that every boxer secretly dreams of.

Fairtex HW3 Quick wrap is your solution...

Gym Bag

A sports bag is an indispensable item in the home of any athlete. It will be not only a very pleasant, but a necessary gift.

In sports good gym bags are not just useful, they are often essential.This affordable 'Booster Fight Gear' gym bag is great to put in all your fight gear. High quality nylon material 2 sides pouches


Every boxer needs a mouthguard in his training. A harder mouth guard that protects your teeth, jaw and lips from impact damage.  Provides protection to the teeth, jaw, lips and tongue during combat sports like Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA.

Focus Mitts

Focus Mitts are perfect for those who want to work on their precision, speed and accuracy. Blegend Focus Mitts BFM17 is our undisputed bestseller. You can find them in any gym all over the world. The curved light weight design is ideal for catching punches & knee strikes. Made out of strong synthetic leather.

When a person is truly passionate about a sport, they use modern equipment and tools to help them improve their performance and achievements. Super Export Shop takes pride in carrying the most authentic Thai gear and clothing. We only offer premium products to our customers and train hard to ensure they are always ready for action.

Super Export Shop is a one-stop shop for all your Thai equipment needs. We provide you the best in the market with superior quality and unbeatable price.

Shop your Muay Thai Equipment at Super Export Shop,

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