Muay Thai Or Boxing: Which Is Better?

Muay Thai Or Boxing: Which Is Better?

Many beginners, when choosing the kind of martial arts, are often faced with the question of which is better, Boxing or Muay Thai. What are the differences between these sports and what are their similarities? Which martial art is considered stronger? Is it possible to take up boxing and Muay Thai at the same time? Find out more in this article.


A contact sport based on one of the oldest types of martial arts. Rumour has it that it was practised as far back as by the famous scientist and philosopher Pythagoras. Boxing training is among the most effective because it is based on developing

  • respiratory system;
  • speed;
  • footwork
  • reaction;
  • precision and accuracy;
  • the shoulder girdle, back and abs.

The blows are allowed to be thrown only with the hands. The range of impact is the part of the body above the waist. 

Since 1920, the described sport was officially included in the list of Olympic disciplines. This is one of the characteristics that makes boxing different from Muay Thai. At the moment boxing bouts are legal events involving amateur and professional athletes. Classical boxing is safer, there are fewer injuries among athletes. It is an excellent development of the hands and forearms.

Boxers are better at defending against punches than Muay Thai fighters. They usually have better footwork and throw more accurate punches. By constantly working on their footwork boxers create better angles.

Muay Thai Or Boxing: Which Is Better?

Muay Thai 

Muay Thai is an ancient martial art from Thailand which has existed for more than 2000 years. This martial art is known as 'eight limbs fighting'. Muay Thai is one of the most versatile striking arts on the planet. Muay Thai fighters are allowed to strike opponents with:

  • punches;
  • elbows;
  • shins;
  • the feet;
  • knees.

In terms of the above Muay Thai wins as the athletes are less restricted in their striking attacks and movements. But therein lies the disadvantage of Muay Thai. Because of its brutality and injury hazards, this type of martial arts is called "death fighting" in the United States.

Muay Thai boxing competitions have been held since the 16th century but it gained popularity in the 50's. Since 2016 Muay Thai has been on the list of temporary Olympic disciplines. 

Muay Thai also includes clinch work, which differentiates Muay Thai from other striking martial arts. As there are more techniques and strikes used, Muay Thai takes more time to master. 

Muay Thai Or Boxing: Which Is Better?

What is better: Muay Thai Or Boxing?

Everyone chooses their own way based on their personal preferences. Some people like to strike exclusively with their hands, while others like to use their feet.

Undoubtedly a big advantage of the Thais is the ability to use their legs. Boxing has the advantage of strong punches with the hands. 1-2 accurate attacks to the head will ensure a knockout, but experienced Thai fighters will not let a boxer within dangerous distance. 

The truth is: anyone skilled in either Muay Thai or boxing would be able to defend himself. Both martial arts are beneficial for your health.

To understand which is best, you can consider trying both options. When deciding which sport to take up, boxing is the first choice. Training in boxing is easier, and it will teach a beginner to fight in 3 or 4 classes. Once you've got the basics of boxing, it's easier to do muay Thai.

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