Fairtex BGV1 vs. BGV5 Boxing Gloves

Fairtex BGV1 vs. BGV5 Boxing Gloves

Fairtex is a powerhouse in the Muay Thai equipment industry, and their BGV1 and BGV5 boxing gloves are both highly regarded choices for athletes. But with some key differences, selecting the right pair depends on your specific training needs. Let's delve into the features of each glove to help you make an informed decision:

Focus and Purpose:

  • Fairtex BGV1: This is a versatile all-around glove designed for basic training activities such as pad work, mitt drills, and light sparring. Its focus lies on comfort, secure fit, and decent protection for developing Muay Thai skills.

  • Fairtex BGV5: This glove is specifically engineered for sparring. It boasts heavier padding and a more robust design to provide superior protection for both you and your sparring partner during intense training sessions.


  • Fairtex BGV1: Features Fairtex's signature three-layered foam padding that offers moderate shock absorption. This is sufficient for light punches, kicks, knees, and elbows encountered during pad work, mitt drills, and light sparring.

  • Fairtex BGV5: Utilizes a denser and thicker multi-layered foam padding system. This significantly enhances shock dispersion and impact mitigation, making it ideal for withstanding heavier strikes during sparring sessions.

Comfort and Fit:

  • Fairtex BGV1: Known for its "Universal tight-fit" design. This contoured hand compartment provides a secure and comfortable fit, minimizing glove movement and potential injuries. It allows for natural hand and wrist movement, crucial for technique development.

  • Fairtex BGV5: Has a slightly roomier fit compared to the BGV1. This allows for easier on and off application, especially when hands are wrapped for sparring. The wrist closure system is typically more robust on the BGV5 to provide additional support during intense sparring exchanges.


  • Fairtex BGV1 & BGV5: Both gloves are constructed from premium quality leather, ensuring exceptional durability that can withstand regular training. However, due to the thicker padding, the BGV5 might offer slightly better longevity for heavy sparring sessions.

Who Should Choose Which Glove?

  • Fairtex BGV1: Ideal for beginners who are starting with pad work, mitt drills, and light sparring. It's also a good choice for more experienced athletes who prioritize comfort and a secure fit for technique training.

  • Fairtex BGV5: Designed for sparring: This glove is suited for intermediate and advanced Muay Thai practitioners who engage in regular sparring sessions and require superior protection for themselves and their partners.

Additional Considerations:

  • Size: Both gloves come in a variety of sizes (kid and adult) to ensure a proper fit.
  • Price: The BGV5 might be slightly more expensive due to its heavier padding and focus on sparring.


Both Fairtex BGV1 and BGV5 gloves are excellent choices depending on your training focus. The BGV1 offers a comfortable and versatile option for foundational Muay Thai training, while the BGV5 prioritizes protection for intense sparring sessions. Consider your skill level, training needs, and budget when making your selection. Remember, BLEGEND Gym Store carries a wide range of Fairtex gloves, including both BGV1 and BGV5, to help you find the perfect fit for your Muay Thai journey.