Fairtex Belly Pads at Super Export Shop

Fairtex Belly Pads at Super Export Shop

At Super Export Shop, we understand the importance of safety and performance. That's why we offer the exceptional Fairtex Belly Pads collection, designed to shield your core and empower your Muay Thai journey.

Protection, Unmatched Comfort

Fairtex Belly Pads are crafted with high-quality, dense padding to absorb the impact of strikes, minimizing the risk of injury during training. The reinforced stitching and durable construction ensure your pads can withstand the rigors of Muay Thai training, session after session.

Comfort is equally important. Fairtex Belly Pads feature a secure, adjustable fit that allows for extended training without discomfort. Padded designs and breathable mesh panels promote airflow and ventilation, keeping you cool and dry. Whether you're the pad holder or the striker, Fairtex Belly Pads offer unmatched support and comfort.

The Right Pad for Your Needs:

Super Export Shop offers a range of Fairtex Belly Pads to cater to your specific preferences:

  • Fairtex Belly Pad BPV1: The Classic Defender: This no-frills option prioritizes functionality. Crafted from high-quality leather, it delivers exceptional durability and a comfortable fit. The single, thick foam core effectively absorbs punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, allowing you to train with confidence.

  • Fairtex Belly Pad Leather BPV2: Enhanced Protection with Style: Building on the BPV1's legacy, the BPV2 boasts a premium experience. Constructed from top-grain leather with a sleek aesthetic, it offers enhanced durability and multi-layered foam padding for optimal shock absorption during intense training. Available in various colors, you can express your individuality while prioritizing core protection.

  • Fairtex Belly Pad BPV3: Lightweight Innovation: Experience the cutting-edge BPV3. Engineered with innovative microfiber vinyl, it delivers exceptional durability while remaining lightweight for maximum mobility. Don't be fooled by its weight – the multi-layered foam mix padding strategically absorbs even the most powerful strikes. A wide back strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit throughout your training session.

Fairtex Belly Pads: Designed for Versatility and Performance

Fairtex Belly Pads are ideal for various training exercises and drills. Whether you're practicing body shots, knee strikes, clinch work, or defense techniques, these pads provide reliable protection and support. The ergonomic design and contoured shape offer a natural fit and feel, allowing for precise strikes and fluid movements.

Trusted by Champions, Chosen by You:

Fairtex Belly Pads are the trusted choice of professional fighters and trainers worldwide. Used by renowned athletes in prestigious organizations like Stamp and ONE Championship, Fairtex represents a legacy of excellence in combat sports. When you choose Super Export Shop and Fairtex Belly Pads, you're choosing to train safely and effectively, like the champions you aspire to be.

Visit Super Export Shop today and explore our range of Fairtex Belly Pads.